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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

On Leadership

George Bush likes to talk about his steady leadership and criticizes others for flip-flopping. The inability to change your mind in the face of conflicting evidence is stubbornness, not leadership. He has even gotten Fed Chairman Greenspan to flip-flop: First Greenspan said that the Bush tax cuts would not hurt Social Security, now he says that we have to cut benefits to ensure the Social Security system. Adding insult to injury, the Bush Team, including Treasury Secretary Snow say that we need to make the tax cuts permanent. Steady but wrong on the tax cuts and social security. (See Paul Krugman's commentary on these issues).

On healthcare, his brother Jeb has been keeping kids from getting healthcare. Once everyone found out about the problem - the Bush Administration in Florida changed the program - not to fix the problem, but so that no one would be able to tell how many kids would be excluded. This fits a pattern of the Bushies of not giving any information to the public - like the energy task force, Bush's real military records, Bush's business records, Cheney's business records, obstructing the 9/11 investigation, foot-dragging the Enron investigation. Steady but wrong.

Bush also likes to remind us all about the threat of terror and how he handled the country during our time of crisis. What I remember is that in the aftermath of the attack, George went into hiding after he finished reading My Pet Goat and the only visible leader was Rudy Giuliani (see for a reminder.

Now he wants us to believe that we are safer because of what he has done. Osama bin Laden and his cohorts are still out there setting off bombs because Bush-Cheney wouldn't commit enough troops to the pursuit. Afghanistan, the only country with a known link to the attack on the US, has been slowly slipping slipping back into chaos, having been forgotten by the Iraqi diversion. It is North Korea and Iran that have the nukes, while closer to home drug traffickers have taken over Haiti. What leadership is he talking about?