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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The ugly reality

Facts from the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

John Kerry gives credit where it isn't due. His numbers reflect a recent uptick, but lets keep in mind the facts as they stand - these are the annual numbers, because 2004 ain't over yet.

1. 8 Million FTE jobs lost from 2001-2003
2.3 Million private sector jobs lost from 2001-2003
77 Thousand federal government jobs added 2001-2003
460 Thousand state and local government jobs added 2001-2003
FYI -this is a huge increase in government!

But what is up?

Corporate profits, they are up nearly $295 Billion from 2001 to 2003(or $395 Billion from Q1-2001 to Q2-2004). For 2001-2003 that equals $ 162,280 for every Full-Time-Equivalent job lost since 2001, and $ 127,190 for every private sector job that was outsourced or eliminated under this Administration.

But don't worry - you might get another couple hundred dollar tax break and maybe $1,000 for each child. It would be divisive to point out that the corporations get hundreds of thousands in profits even though jobs are disappearing. Do we want an "ownership society" in which those only those who own are the society?