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Thursday, January 13, 2005

If the shoe fits - the GOP Flip-Flop

The poor sportsmanship of the GOP is show in the state of Washington. While they were quick to call for Al Gore and John Kerry to concede elections in which in which there was a dispute over the fairness and accuracy of the vote, they are fighting tooth and nail to overturn the narrow victory of Governor-elect Gregoire. The same folks who demonstrate a limited tolerance for recounts when their guy appears to win are now calling for a whole new election. Talk about sore losers, but anyone who expected them to show grace in defeat is naive at best.

These right-wing nuts are so extreme that they are threatening to revolt. '"You can give us a revote, or you're going to cause us to revolt," the Rev. Ken Hutcherson, pastor of Antioch Bible Church in Redmond, told the Republican crowd. '

Maybe it was a sign of liberal weakness that Gore and Kerry conceded, or maybe it was class and respect for a system, even when you don't agree with the results. The GOP, unfortunately, can't seem to muster the same kind of respect for even a state race. These guys hate to lose.

'The Legislature needs to ask, 'Do we rush through? Do we quickly certify and ratify this election? Or do we wait and act deliberatively and get to the bottom of these issues?' " Senate Minority Leader Bill Finkbeiner, a Republican from the Seattle suburb of Kirkland, said in floor debate. '

Of course, it was the GOP who argued that we needed to move forward to certify the election results, first in the dubious results from Florida in 2000 and then with the shenanigans in Ohio in 2004. In those cases, expediency in annointing their guy outweighed the sanctity of counting every vote. Interesting how they have flip-flopped now that the shoe is on the other foot. Send your favorite Republican a custom pair of shoes - "election flip-flops!"

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