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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Bad Rick


Santorum Takes $$$ From Cable Porn Providers - Should He Give It Back?
Rick Santorum likes to think of himself as Mr. Values but he's got no
problem taking money from companies that air pornography. The LA Times
today: "Adelphia Communications Corp. has quietly become the nation's only
leading cable operator to offer the most explicit category of hard-core

David Sirota points out that Adelphia has given more than $100,000 to the
GOP in soft money contributions, and thousands more in PAC contributions,
and contributions from the company's executives. This money has gone to
people like Santorum, one of the most outspoken moralizers in the Senate.
Will he return these contributions?


Adelphia executive contributions to Sen. Santorum:

For more info, go to:

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Santorum Might Be Subject to $5000 Fine Over Website
Rick Santorum might be subject to a $5,000 fine over his use of Social
Security symbols on his Senate website. The American Prospect exposed
Santorum's efforts to present his spin of Social Security being in crisis as
an official product of the Social Security Adminsitration. The only problem
is that the way Santorum presented his case could get him fined.

Here's what the law says:

Here are some choice quotes and a link to their story:

�This is not ours, and we did not provide it to them,� said Social Security
Administration spokesman Mark Hinkle, adding that he had not seen the
presentation before it was forwarded to him by a reporter last week.

�Some of the facts are from the Social Security Administration�s Web site,
or the Social Security trustees� report,� he said, but added that the
document�s heavy dose of spin �reflects the view of Senator Santorum.�

�Obviously, we would rather not have our logo on it,� said Hinkle. �I think
it is understood that using the logo gives it a different connotation than
we would like. We wouldn�t want any outside group using our logo, whether it
be a congressman, a think tank, or other group.�
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