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Friday, March 18, 2005

Schiavo Saved!

Rest assured Ladies and Gents, the U.S. House and Senate will not put your life in the hands of your family or your doctors, especially if they want to give up on your life after only 15 years in a persistent vegetative state. Hey, I don't know what is right here and it is no more my place to get involved in a decision that is between the family and the doctors, than it is the place of the U.S. Congress - who of course have no more pressing matters to consider.

Health care costs may be spiraling out of control and they want to reduce Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and the Drug benefit that Bush campaigned on, but they will not give up as long as there is a sliver of a chance that this woman could emerge from a 15-year coma, damn the cost! I am sure that they perceive no hypocrisy in their position. Not just in terms of the costs of health care which they deem most lower income Americans unworthy of, but also in terms of Big Brother-like intrusiveness in our lives.

I am tired of thinking for myself. Mr. Hastert and Mr. DeLay, I await your orders. Perhaps you can provide a daily list of the tasks that I and everyone in the United States must do. That way, it won't take an Act of Congress to rescind individual decisions and actions with which you disagree. We'll all be much happier.