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Sunday, July 17, 2005

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Tom Ferrick Jr. | So, Santorum, you don't say... - Philadelphia,PA,USA
... Rick Santorum, you have to wonder about the Wacko Factor. ... If it happens to Santorum in the 2006 election, my bet is that the coroner will rule it a suicide. ...
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Santorum wrote the book on ignorance
Tallahassee Democrat - Tallahassee,FL,USA
... That's what happened to Sen. Rick Santorum, who either is gearing up his 2008 presidential campaign and needs to rally his conservative base - or is on drugs. ...

The apostle of bizarre insensitivity
Boston Globe - Boston,MA,USA
By Thomas Oliphant, Globe Columnist | July 17, 2005. IN THE END, I've decided, after a decade of absurdities, Rick Santorum is not funny, just weird. ...
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Nice loophole
Beaver County Times - Beaver County,PA,USA
Who are we more angry with, US Sen. Rick Santorum or the lawmakers who conjured up the cyber charter school regulations? On Tuesday ...
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Blumenau: Welcome to the world of Santorum
MetroWest Daily News - Framingham,MA,USA
... Yes, it's Rick Santorum Week here at Surf's Up. ... This week, then, we step into Santorum's World. Like Boston, it's quite a place: ...

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