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Thursday, August 11, 2005

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Fans and protestors meet Santorum
Ardmore Main Line Life - Ardmore,PA,USA
Rick Santorum visited to sign copies of his first book, It Takes a Family: Conservativism and the Common Good. "It was not intended ...
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Santorum Faces Test in 'Must Win' Suburbs
Jewish Exponent - Philadelphia,PA,USA
... Rick Santorum. Frank and nearly 100 like-minded voters staked out positions last week to decry statements in Santorum's new book ...
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Santorum visits Delaware to tout new family values book
Newsday - Long Island,NY,USA
... Rick Santorum touted his new book on family values. Santorum's book, "It Takes A Family: Conservatism and the Common Good," is seen ...
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Senator Santorum and the Christian Socialists
Questions and Observations - USA
It's a good thing that Rick Santorum has already ruled out a 2008 Presidential run, because comments like this would make me seriously consider my first vote ...
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Penn Hills amends cyber school policy in Santorum dispute - Philadelphia,PA,USA
... Rick Santorum over the cost of his children's education will now pay cyber school tuition for residents who are called out of the district to work elsewhere. ...
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Santorum bashes liberals in speech
Philadelphia Daily News - Philadelphia,PA,USA
... Rick Santorum told supporters yesterday at the conservative think tank that published his book, "It Takes a Family: Conservatism and the Common Good.". ...

Santorum versus
Always On - USA
Rick Santorum, perhaps my favorite Republican US Senator, opened his fool mouth last Thursday on NPR. As Bush has moved his party ...

Rick Santorum: "It Takes a Family"
Christian Broadcasting Network - Virginia Beach,VA,USA
... problems. But Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA), author of "It Takes a Family," believes that big government is often the problem itself. ...

How Senator Rick Santorum, In Acting for His Church, Persistently ... - Mountain View,CA,USA
Senator Rick Santorum has been in the news recently, touting his faith-based views on public policy. (Santorum's faith is Roman Catholicism). ...

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