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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

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America's Anti-Reagan Isn't Hillary Clinton. It's Rick Santorum.
Atlantic Online - USA
Post-Santorum, tax-cutting and court-bashing can hold the Republican coalition together for only so much longer. In 1960, a Republican ...

Abortion Issue Focus of Dem Bid to Oust Santorum
GOPUSA - Pearland,TX,USA
... Rick Santorum is to run a pro-life candidate. The contest has already drawn national attention. ... Even Santorum admits next year's contest will be a tough one. ...

Underdogs growl at Casey, Santorum
Pittsburgh Post Gazette - Pittsburgh,PA,USA
... Republican Sen. Rick Santorum. Pennacchio ... party's choice. Featherman is a Republican, campaigning for the GOP nomination against Santorum. The ...

Gar Joseph | A nightmare Casey doesn't want to have - Philadelphia,PA,USA
... Votes that make Republican US Sen. Rick Santorum a winner. And Casey a loser. ... First we called John Brabender at the Santorum campaign. ...

Senate hopeful stresses health care, education
Washington Observer Reporter - Washington,PA,USA
... Casey announced in March his intentions to seek the Democratic nomination, and a possible battle with incumbent Republican Rick Santorum, next year. ...
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