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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Lotsa Motzy

We regret to inform you that Blog-Motznik is deceased.

Words fail me, replaced by a dull mirthless giggle - quickly stifled.

Use the title link or paste the URL below for the truth according to Motznik:

If you wondered who was the lousy ventriloquist pulling the strings on Lukey - well, now you know.

Interesting that a bold bare-knuckle truth warrior like Jimbo won't allow any comments on his blog. Coward.

Also interesting that Motzy claimed he wouldn't be blogging on City time. So I guess that means he cut out of work sometime before 4:26 PM on Monday Jan. 29, 2007 when he posted his blog. It must have take some time to write the thing, so he stopped working sometime before 4PM. What are we paying you for Motzy?