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Friday, September 03, 2004

Tough Love

The compassionate conservative gloves have come off. Though W may have tried to soften the image of the GOP, the anger and fear of the party in power was evident in the rabid attack by Zell Miller ( and the eerie fear-mongering of Dick Cheney. It is extremely curious that the party that controls both houses of Congress and holds (tenuously) the office of the President is so angry. Usually such anger is reserved for those not in power. It can only be because despite having every lever of power at their disposal (including the Supreme Court) their agenda has failed to win the hearts and minds of the majority of Americans, as a majority think he is not doing a good job (

W's few words about compassion and opportunity offer little comfort to those millions of Americans without work or health insurance. To those "economic pessimists" and "girlie-men" who can't see the silver lining in fewer jobs, lower pay and no health care, Governator Arnold offers the helping hand of the new GOP: toughen up. Perhaps the new GOP slogan should be Tough Love.