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Saturday, October 16, 2004

OK, some jobs were created

Those damn liberal impulses, they just prevent me from distorting the truth. Something else was up besides corporate profits, and though I am reluctant to admit it, jobs were created. And, guess what, here is the irony...the jobs created are just those that liberals are supposed to like the most. Federal government jobs! I know, crazy isn't it, and I am not complaining here because people right now need any job they can get, but you do see the irony that the supposedly "small-government" candidate has been creating far more government jobs than private sector jobs? In fact he has created only government jobs. This does not count 460,000 jobs created by state and local government, which can't be directly attributed to the current Oval Office seat warmer, but it is still worth mentioning. And finally, the proof from BEA: