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Monday, February 07, 2005

Not good for the goose or the gander

What does it mean to win? The victories that Rick Santorum relishes seem to have nothing to do with what is good for PA.

Allstate, GM, Pfizer Expect Congress to Limit Litigation Costs
Bloomberg - USA
... ``There's nothing that beats winning,'' says Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, the chamber's third-ranking Republican. ``That's a fact.''. ...

While we tighten our belts in the face of the federal budget cuts - which is our money that they are not spending on us - Rick and the other right-wing nut jobs demonstrate the other way to tighten belts - by gorging yourself on the fat of the land until your waist expands to meet your belt.

Pols get access to (relatively) cheap Bowl tickets (subscription) - Philadelphia,PA,USA
... Other top politicians planning to be there include US Sens. Arlen Specter and Rick Santorum, of Pennsylvania. Santorum's campaign ...

Here we go again department:
Santorum: Greasing the Skids for Mass Murdering Iranians - Italy
February 4, 2005 - Rick Santorum is busy at work on the "Iran Freedom and Support Act," in other words a bill designed to get America ready to bomb Iran. ...

If Rick is home-schooling his kids - I hope his wife teaches them math.

Even the Social Security Administration disputes Rick Santorum's ...
The American Prospect - Boston,MA,USA
It was only two weeks after the tsunami, but you'd never know it from their film festival. Two and a half weeks after one of the ...