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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Remember Valerie Plame


Just a question. With two reporters from non-conservative news organizations now threatened with imprisonment for not revealing their sources on the Valerie Plame affair, has anyone in the investigation or in the media asked Robert Novak two very simple questions?

1 - Has he been asked to reveal his source, since he was the one who actually outed Ms. Plame?
2 - If so, did he disclose his source to the judge handling the cases of the other two journalists? And if not, why has the judge not asked him the same question?

These questions do not require Mr. Novak to reveal his source. They merely require answers as to the genuineness of the investigation being done. I am curious, as a U.S. citizen, as to why two journalists who REFUSED to illegally reveal Ms. Plame's occupation as a spy, even though contacted by Mr. Novak's source, are in danger of being imprisoned.

Or is it merely a hope to silence non-conservative journalists who refuse to play ball with the current administration? And I am further curious as to whether Mr. Novak has been asked to reveal his source to end the "investigation" of what appears to be a federal offense in revealing Ms. Plame as a spy.

I am REALLY curious why no one has asked Mr. Novak, the U.S. investigator, or the judge these questions? Has anyone asked them of the counsel investigating the Plame affair?

Journalists?... Reporters?....TV people? anyone?... anyone?... just wondering...