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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Law & Disorder

In a local political party headed by ex-con Ben Woods, can you really expect anything less.

Allegheny County Democratic Committee Vice Chair, Ben Woods - (convicted of 17 counts of conspiracy, extortion and tax evasion in 1989, served his time and is now back in politics).

Pittsburgh Mayor, Tom Murphy - grand jury investigation over the fire union contract deal that helped win his last election.

Pittsburgh Firefighters Union Chief, Joe King - subpoenaed in the Murhpy investigation, not clear if he will be investigated.

Allegheny County Coroner, Cyril Wecht - grand jury investigation if he used his office for personal business and financial gain.

Allegheny County Sherriff, Pete DeFazio - federal investigation of fundraising tactics

Allegheny County Sherriff, Lt. Commander Richard Stewart - indicted for perjury in the DeFazio investigation.

Allegheny County Sherriff, Captain Frank Schiralli - indicted for perjury in the DeFazio investigation.

Makes you proud.