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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Between the Lines: Mary had a little Lamb

The best thing about Mike Lamb might be the endless opportunities for puns. He might not make a bad city manager, but as Bobby O might say - can he inspire. It is one thing to transform an office that few people know about and most think should be eliminated. The crying and gnashing of teeth fell on deaf ears. It will be another thing to work that magic on the whole city without the "leadership thing" and the "vision thing." A business plan is not a vision, and being a good manager is only factor in the grand equation of leadership.

Mike has also made a effort to prove that he is a lamb in name only. He started the attacks with his trolley ad targeting Bobby O. And he seems to be following it up with push poll to determine the effectiveness of the ad. Where he got the money for that, I don't know because all of the rumors are that his campaign is funded by Enron stock. Recently, when I checked for his website, it was down.

....wherever May went, the Lamb was sure to go. It looks like Mary has left the building.