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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

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Bush gives fundraising boost to Santorum in Pa. visit
Penn Live - Harrisburg,PA,USA
... Rick Santorum. There, the Republican Party's fundraiser-in-chief helped Santorum, who is running for a third term next year, raise ...
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Assets of Sens. Specter, Santorum vastly different
Penn Live - Harrisburg,PA,USA
... Arlen Specter -- a millionaire -- is vastly different than that of Pennsylvania's other Republican senator, Rick Santorum, who primarily supplemented his ...
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Out In America - Columbus,OH,USA
... Stonewall Democrats Federal PAC and Liberty PA PAC announced Tuesday the launch of partnership efforts to defeat Republican Senator Rick Santorum in 2006. ...

Minnesota Bells Ringing Today, and Across Nation, Similar Calls ...
ArriveNet (press release) - Castle Rock,CO,USA
... A case in point: Pennsylvania's Senators, Arlen Specter and Rick Santorum, Monday staged a field hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which Specter chairs ...

Protesters take on the president
Norristown Times Herald - Norristown,PA,USA
... Rick Santorum. Flag Day on the ... for Bush and Santorum. "This is the beginning of the dumb Santorum race," said Ann Goodman of Devon. ...
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Philadelphia Daily News - Philadelphia,PA,USA
AT HEARINGS held at the Constitution Center this week, Pennsylvania's US senators, Arlen Specter and Rick Santorum, made a big show of being concerned about ...
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Gay Democrats Form Group To Oust Santorum - USA
... National Stonewall Democrats and a Pennsylvania political action group, Liberty PA, have formed a partnership to defeat Republican Senator Rick Santorum in 2006 ...

Press Gaggle by Trent Duffy (press release) - USA
... I'll just go through the schedule. The President had his normal intelligence briefing. Obviously, we're in Bryn Mawr for a fundraiser for Senator Santorum. ...

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