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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

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Santorum praises Pres. Bush's Supreme Court pick
Penn Live - Harrisburg,PA,USA
Rick Santorum praised President Bush's selection of John G. Roberts Jr. ... Santorum, R-Pa., called Roberts "brilliant" and "head and shoulders above the crowd.". ...
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Senator Santorum: Secular Extremism's Top Target
The Conservative Voice - USA
First, the Democrats are preparing to run Robert Casey, their token pro-lifer, against him. Hey, it's the Democrats' best chance to beat Senator Santorum. ...
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Editorial: It doesn't take a ‘village' for Santorum
The Delaware County Times - Chester,PA,USA
... Sen. Rick Santorum has found the time to write a book. Apparently ... Good.". But Santorum's flattery of his political foe only goes so far. For ...
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Aide to Sen. Santorum, Backer of Anti-Gay Laws, Comes Out
Windy city Media Group - Chicago,IL,USA
by Bob Roehr. The communications director for perhaps the most vocally homophobic member of the US Senate, Pennsylvania's Rick Santorum, is gay. ...

Showdown looms over nuclear deal
Sydney Morning Herald (subscription) - Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
... But the Pennsylvania Republican Rick Santorum said his state could benefit from some of the up to 5000 US jobs created if Westinghouse got the deal.
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Pennsylvania's Santorum doesn't know what he's talking about
Gloucester Daily Times - Gloucester,MA,USA
"Dear Lord, thank you very much that Rick Santorum is not one of the senators representing Massachusetts, and that he instead represents Pennsylvania.". ...

Santorum Draws Jewish Support
Baltimore Jewish Times - Baltimore,MD,USA
He'll be running against Rick Santorum, a top-ranking incumbent Republican who has been a leader in the fight against reproductive rights, separation of church ...

Antigay Santorum defends openly gay aide
The Advocate - Los Angeles,CA,USA
Rick Santorum's home state of Pennsylvania. The local newspaper in Wilkes-Barre reports that Santorum answered questions Monday ...

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