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Monday, September 06, 2004

Winning the peace

Critics have made a lot of noise about how John Kerry would "ask permission from Paris" or "give the UN a veto" on defending America. The contrast, of course, is that the current Administration's reckless drive to war waits for nothing. They claim this recklessness is what protects us. That point is debatable, but what they cannot and will not debate is that this recklessness has made securing the peace in Iraq nearly impossible. Building a just case for war and attracting international support, is not merely wise in the conduct of war, as it was in 1991 for George I, it is critical to securing the peace. Unable to pacify the country, the Administration proposes to skip elections in the unfreindly areas. Exactly the kind of democracy they hope to use here in the U.S., closing the polling places and turning away voters in opposition areas.

In Afghanistan, American soldiers are still dying, Osama bin Laden (remember him?) is still on the loose, and the Taliban are killing those who try to vote. Even though neither Bush nor Cheney like to talk about it, the Taliban are still active in Afghanistan. The so-called Afghan government barely controls Kabul. The reason George II doesn't want to talk about it, and why the Taliban are still a threat to peace is one and same - his reckless drive to war. The White House barely even recognizes Afghanistan, where U.S. soldiers are still dying, but Iraq has its own "Issues" link on the White House web site ( . Three of of the seven links for major speeches have an Iraqi-theme, but not one mentions the other war.


Major Speeches
Iraq Transition
State of the Union
Saddam Capture
UN Address
National Address
Iraqi Freedom
National Address

Is this recklessness making us safer? With our armed forces tied down indefinitely in Iraq, and stretched thin in Afghanistan, how can we respond to the new nuclear rogues, Iran and North Korea, that have emerged under careless watch of the current Administration. Now is the time for a more cautious approach.