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Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Santorum and Bush want to limit our access to the courts: Bush to Get Bill on Class-Action Suits and they note that they HAVE to cut benefits, and there is an impending financial ciriss: Bush's Social Security tour comes to Pa., Bush to visit Montco to push Social Security proposal. Somehow we can still afford Santorum legislation to give $10 million to groups opposing regime. Even though Rick hasn’t been so good about paying his own way - Hearing Will Determine Whether Santorum Will Reimburse District

But Senator Skinflint would still be happy to campaign on how others have to tighten their belts:
Santorum talks up fight he'd relish, because after all it is our money and the President should get to decide what special interests should get tax breaks and which third world nations that don’t pose a threat to us that we should invadeBush insists he'll blunt 'appetite' for spending