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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Plowing for Votes

So whose votes has Luke been plowing for? When he ordered city crews out to plow the streets on President's Day, was he seeking to influence the average voter by his concern for the condition of the roads, or was he seeking the votes of city workers who now have a little extra jingle in their pockets due to the holiday pay?

Luke claimed that they extra costs were well within budget because we have spent far less on snow removal this year than we planned. Without looking over the entire budget, it is hard to say whether he's right or if he missed other cost over-runs that he should be concerned about. It doesn't matter because all he had to do was to read the weather reports to see that unseasonally high temperatures were about to melt our roadway troubles anyway, making his gesture empty of any substance but politics. The big concern now will be patching the potholes - lets hope there is enough money left for that!