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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Running Scared

Is the GOP running scared, or just running stupid: GOP banking on Diven to pick up state Senate seat and they have identified re-electing Santorum as a high priority. Why? Do they think he is vulnerable? On the liabilities, Rick is no foreign policy whiz: Senators Expect Iraqi Give-And-Take (San Francisco Chronicle – USA) ... Sen. Rick Santorum, the third-ranking Senate Republican, said he thought "it was a good thing that the Shiites can't just sort of dictate how things are to go. ...Of course this is exactly what the GOP has in America – an ability to dictate exactly how things are to go – so it is good for us, but it would be bad for Iraq? Of course what he doesn’t say is that it is the insurgents who seem to be dictating how things go, and they go bloody.

The passed the drug benefit to woo senior votes for the election and now that they won it, they want to throw Grandma from the train. Senate Budget Chairman Calls Medicare Drug Plan Too Expensive

Rick Santorum may join the Agriculture committee but that may not be enough for Pennsylvania’s farmers when the farm subsidy gets the ax. Let’s be clear that much of the abuse of the program is not the result of the small family farms in PA. IN Warren County, PA nearly 300 farms divided more than $12 million in subsidies over 8 year. That is not going to fill Bush’s deficit canyon. Farmers worry if subsidy cuts pass