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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Another day, another phot op

Mayor Luke's press release claimed:

Beginning March 5, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, homeowners and contractors will be able to register and walk their building permit applications through the various departments and reviewers, obtaining a permit that same day, provided they meet zoning/building code requirements and their applications are complete.

So a couple of days you can get a permit in a day - for certain things, under certain conditions.

The Post-Gazette Noted:

Projects that affect neighbors will still have to go through lengthier processes. Major construction permits will be processed in five business days.

Good thing they're leaving some wiggle room. I guess the problem with giant scissors is that they aren't very precise.

What would really help to speed up the process is clear and correct information on the city's website about the eligibility for the one-day process.

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