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Monday, March 12, 2007

Faulty Study Results in False Bias Claims

(United Press Unbound)

News reports that the City's hiring of only white officers is based on a faulty diversity count. "Because the City has no information system that is capable of tracking any useful information, like the number of minorities in the workforce, the study had to employ alternative means, " said Hayward Sterno, City Infotainment Director. Mr. Sterno added, "If you want to follow the Luke-Cam, you can get 24 hours of what the Mayor is doing or saying, but we expect to have other fun and useful infotainment coming online soon." Of course none of that will include anything covered by the Governor's Open Records proposal.

Reports of the faulty reporting broke first on the blogosphere, where bloggers Lexis & Praxis noticed that the study had only counted how many white police officers were found in photographs on the city website. Compounding the methodology error, according to Blogger Praxis, was "Many of the photos used in the study had been photo-shopped to put the Mayor's face over that of black police officers." "This really explains how the Boy-Mayor can be in some many places at once, " added blog-buddy Lexis, " but it could create a real problem for the Mayor to explain how and why his photo was pasted over only black faces." Praxis suggested, "This looks unintentional to me, or maybe someone just thought the photos looked better that way, I mean the Mayor is one handsome guy."

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