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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wild and Wonderful No More

(IP Newswire)

West Viriginia is changing its slogan. No longer will it be Wild, Wonderful West Virginia. "That sounded too backward," brayed Governor Cletus Clodhopper IV, "folks believed the wild part, but they didn't buy the wonderful." There is currently no plan to change the state mascot (pictured above), a close cousin of the Governor.

The state will be kicking off a public competition to determine the new slogan. Among the nominations are following suggestions:

Friendly Families
The State of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia is expected to challenge this one)
Utah of the East
Dental Plan, Shmental Plan
What's Mined is Yours Now
The "In" Place to Breed

There has also been an effort to include "Colbert-licious" on the ballot but the state is awaiting a legal ruling.