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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

No Bad Press

Most PR hacks will tell you, "There is no such thing as bad press." This may in part explain the penchant for Pittsburgh's Boy-Mayor Luke Ravensteal to zealously hop from photo-op to photo-op - it's all good press.

Or maybe it is a case of political "press envy." The Dog has recently learned that the Mayor's strategy has benchmarked previous administrations for what it calls "name penetration."

Here are the stats:

Tom Murphy in 12 years in office during the growth of the internet registered 1,270,000 google hits for a rate of 8,819 per month. Bob O'Connor, in the post-boom, post-bust, internet on demand era registered 1,020,000 hits in just 8 months in office for an astounding rate of 127,500 hits per month - but he literally had to die to generate that kind of press. Now Luke has managed to register only 52,800 hits in seven months in office, or 7,543 per month, well shy of the pace set by the beloathed Mayor Tom.

Campaign insiders now say that Cranky Peduto dropped out of the race in order to reduce Luke's press coverage and thwart his strategy of internet dominance. Much of the Boy-Blunder's actions can be now seen in an new light. Pollsters are already taking the pulse of the city to see if Luke should pick a fight with another hot celeb, start a war with Cleveland, get his cigar smoked, or consider more drastic options.