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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Moving Forward

The City-County Building may be shrouded in scaffolding but that doesn't mean that the engines fo government are losing steam. In a flurry of activity, the Ravensteal administration announced major plans for the Mayor Luke Ravensteal's City of Pittsburgh Moving Forward Progress Plan. A central element of the plan is updating various outdated aspects of the city. Starting with the roads. Not repaving them of course, and certainly not coordinating the road construction that has currently shut down the East End.

The Mayor's plan is much more bold. He is renaming several landmark city streets to be more in keeping with the times. "Ain't nobody getting any grants out of this City, so having our offices on Grant Street just sends the wrong message, so in my plan it becomes Boss Street." The Boulevard of the Allies conjures images of World War II and old boomers, and it sounds French, so it has to go. In its place will be the Avenue of Moving Forward. Finally, Cherry Way will be renamed Mayor Luke Ravensteal's Way, but no explanation was provided on what was wrong with Cherry Way.