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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tax Broke

Boy-Blunder, Mayor Damien Ravenstahl denied that he stole his tax break plan from master schemer Karl "Dip-Hop"Rove. The tax break scheme would provide an average kickback of $334 - but only to new or improved properties so existing homeowners are screwed - a truly Rovian ploy.

One real estate expert commented that the golden rule of real estate is never to buy (or build) the most expensive house in the neighborhood. "Anyone building a $250,000 house in those neighborhoods has as much chance of getting their money back as they do winning the lottery," guffed Hoddington Hanna. Asked who might be enticed to build in these neighborhoods with a more likely annual deduction of $150-$300 in annual taxes, Mr. Hanna replied, "Nobody in their right mind."