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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A New Opener Government

Harrisburg is set to roll back hundreds of years of tradition by forcing open the secret vaults of government information. Now any citizen will be able to find out what size lingerie our state legislators are buying for their mistresses and we can finally answer the question of who does run the biggest bar tab?

One thing that is not clear is whether this will push down to the municipal level. Asked for comment, City Micro Manager Yarone Zober (not made up, really) slammed his office door and shouted, "They're not getting my files!" Down the hall, the new Regional Information Guru, Josh "Zoolander" Nower laughed. "He doesn't realize that we not only have open records here in Southwestern Pennsylvania, we have Open Source records." The new RIG added, "All of the City's and County's records have been accessible to any PERL programmer or anyone who can write a simple binary translator through the Pittsburgh Regional Information Clearinghouse Extraganza - or PRICE for short." RIG Nower even provided a screenshot with the City's entire financial records and City Council transcripts for the past six months (see image above) to prove his point.

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